Saturday, April 11, 2009

Layed to Rest

Day 48: April 21st. Today about 2 miles into my hike into Daleville, I slipped on a small rock and fell. I was ok, but my trusty hiking stick died! It broke in half. I tried to duct tape it together, since duct tape fixes everything, but to no avail. So CJ gave it a final eulogy and we laid it to rest in the woods once again. It served me well for about 710 miles. I quickly found a new, more sturdier hiking stick, since I dont have hiking poles! All is well again.

But today we officially hiked 9.4 miles into Daleville for a nero. We are 716.7 miles from Springer & 1459.5 miles from Katahdin. We are staying at a Howard Johnson hotel for the night! It is nice since it rained on us yesterday and this morning. It is actually raining as I type this message, so hopefully it will be clear skies tomorrow! We had Mexican for lunch...3 soft tacos and a taco salad for me! Not to bad, actually. Then we went to the outfitter and Kroger to resupply for the next few days. We plan to order a Papa John's pizza for dinner! We met Piglette and Smoky last night in the shelter and they are staying at the HOJO as well.

Cheryl: Great to hear from you, and that you found my site! How exciting! I am glad to hear that you, Laisa and your family is doing well and that Laisa will be moving closer to you guys! Tell her I said hello!

Snider! Great to hear from you. Thanks for leaving your number because I had lost it! Will be in contact! Hope you and Noah is doing well!

Steve: Welcome to the blog! I cant wait to hear about Bill's journeys on the AT as well! Hope to meet you after the trip! God bless.

Eikenberry: I hope my beard gets as long as Dartman's beard! That would be cool, but I doubt it will. I could braid it and everything! lol.

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