Thursday, April 16, 2009

California Joe

A Tribute To California Joe:

One fine morning, CJ & I were hiking the AT in the Smokies just outside Ice water Shelter. We were walking a ridge line at about 6000 ft, when I was suddenly startled by a huge Kodiac bear, which must of escaped from the Gatlinburg Zoo. Well as I was reaching for my camera, I slipped on the icy trail and fell off the ridgeline. I soon found myself dangling 6000 ft up grasping only to a young pine sampling that was struggling to stay attached to the cliff.

After California Joe bravely fought off the Kodiac bear with his Leki poles & dashing good looks, he noticed the dire peril I was in. With no regards to his own life, he quickly thrust out his Leki pole to my outstretched hand. I grasped it just as the sappling gave way, and he pulled me to safety. Then we continued our journey on the AT. California Joe - they should name a shelter after him!

The people in the story are real, however the events were fictious purely for your entertainment.


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