Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Month Snapshot

Day 31: Well one month of being on the trail is now in the books. Hard to imagine that it has been that long. I thought I would snap a pic of me, so everyone can see my transformation into grizzly adams. Here are some one month stats as I reflect back.

Officially hiked 24.3 miles today, so we are 435.2 miles from Springer & 1741.0 from Katahdin, which averages out to be 14 miles per day.

Shelters: 19
Hostels: 4
Hotels: 4
Tarp: 3
Cowboy: 1
Showers: 8
Laundry: 4
Rain: 7
Snow: 3
Campfires: 11
Poptarts: 62
Snickers: 30
Paydays: 13
Nabs: 14
Pizza slices: 18
Cookies: 10
M&M's: 5
Milkways: 4
Ben & Jerry's: 2
Mayfield Ice cream: 2

Also I had lost 5 pounds by Hot Springs. Down to 162 lbs.

Tomorrow we will hike 25.9 into Damascus to spend the next 2 days with the Boggs' family! Yeah! Thank you. God bless.


PS: Totally understand about being under the weather. Hope you're feeling better, will be praying for you. No problem about Damascus, OK to send to Pearisburg PO. Thanks

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