Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hercules & F.A.L.

Day 23: Hiked 19.6 miles to Little Laurel Shelter. officially 291.3 mikes from Springer & 1884.9 miles to Katahdin. Planning on Cowboy camping tonight...aka sleeping under the stars.

Had some trail magic again today. Spent 1 hour & 45 mins. at Hercules & Fal's house. They fed me red beans & rice and peach cobbler ala mode. Plus root beer in a frosted mug & sweet tea! Also, they are both believers in Christ, and they shared their faith and offered books for thru-hikers about Christ. I took Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. Thanks again! Please pray for their ministry, since they are located 300 yards from the AT trail.
They had a picture at Max Patch with horizontal icycles (sp?) on the white blazed posts. It was amazing!

Tomorrow we will do another 20 plus day and Jens leaves us to go back to school. He has been with us for the past 4 days on Spring Break.

God bless,

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