Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hump Mountain

Day 29: Wonderful day for hiking. To God be the glory. This picture is of CJ hiking up Hump Mnt. In the distance you can see little hump mnt & Bradley's gap. This area is by far the most beautiful part of the trail to date. 360 degree views, took lots of pics and some video. Amazing. God's creation is beautiful. Worth the climb over Roan.

Well today we planned on hiking 17.4 miles but when do we listen to reason. We then decided to hike another 3.8 miles to Abby's place hostel. Well found that was closed for 2008, so we decided to hike onwards another 2 miles and camped at hardcore cascades. Officially, we hike 23.2 miles, and 401.6 miles from Springer.

So today we officially said goodbye to NC. 2 states down & 12 more to go. Plus we broke into the 400 mile territory! Yeah.

Then we will take a nero at Kincora hostel to resupply for Damascus push.

Happy birthdaty dad! Love ya!


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