Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drenched Thru-hiker

Praise God! I am alive and safe at Wayah Bald shelter. God is awesome, gracious & merciful. Here is the time line of my day.

0935: Dropped off at Winding stair gap by Ron Haven. Sun was out & beautiful morning, but I knew what was coming.
0940: Started hiking
1044: Made it to Siler Bald shelter. Literally running at times. No rain yet.
1100: Made it to top of Siler Bald
1120: Down in Walah Gap. First rumbles of thunder heard
1125: Sprinkeling now. 5.1 miles to go!
1140: Steady rain. Wayah bald is a killer! Umbrella out.
1150: Umbrella back in. Lots of lightening & thunder. rain heavier.
1250: Made it to Wayah Bald. Pouring buckets, with lighting and thunder. Trail a river of water & mud. Everything is soaked.
1310: Finally made it to shelter. Still raining. 4 other guys here.
1500: warming up as possible. Pea sized hail.

Lois: It was like George running for shelter in his trail journal. Although I didnt fall down!

Thank you for all your prayers!


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