Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fontana Dam

Well I am still alive. Have not had cell coverage since Fontana Dam. Here is an update of CJ & I's adventures.

This is me on day 14. California Joe & I hike into Fontana Village to resupply before heading into the Smokies. Things are going well. Much better spirits thanks to CJ and a pint of ice cream! Not Ben & Jerry's though, actually Mayfield's. Blueberry Cream Pie! Yum.

We stayed at the Fontana Hilton with Chief Daddy, Tarzan, Strides, Jesse, Tom, Bill & CJ. We had a huge bonfire thanks to Chief Daddy. He is quite the character. Strides, CJ & I are the only ones heading out into the smokies tomorrow due to a huge storm system coming in, everyone else is taking a zero.


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