Saturday, April 11, 2009

McAffee Knob!

Day 47: April 20th. Here I am at McAfee knob, which was the coolest spot yet on the AT. The views of God's creation were magnificient. We took some cool pics as you can see. Also at this spot we past the 700 mile mark! Although you can easily hike up 3.5 miles from the parking lot below and see the same sight, but it was even more amazing after 700 miles on the AT.

Well after hiking down to the next shelter (only like a mile away), we could see a storm a coming. Though we wanted to hike another 6 miles to the next shelter, but that meant going over Tinker cliffs. Which the guide book said are dangerous in bad weather, so throwing caution out the window we pressed on. About 10 mins into the hike it starts pouring & thundering and lightening. Yikes. There was no turning back. After many prayers, we reached the cliffs as the storm quit & the sun came out! God is awesome. Awesome views too.

Officially I hiked 24 miles. We are at 707.3 miles from Springer & 1468.9 from Katahdin.


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