Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Tub

This is the hot tub at the Hot Springs Suites. It uses the mineral spring waters that make this town famous. It was very nice. I totally recommend this place if you dont mind spending a little extra money. If not Elmers is the place to stay in this town. I would shy away from the Creekside Inn.

Well said my farewell to Amee, but we will see each other in 3 weeks in Pearisburg.

Of course my pack is too heavy. To much food and out of towns it is always up! Trying for 19.6 today.

PS: Thx bro...will be checking the PO in Damascus! The peppermint oil didnt work at Walnut Mnt shelter cause had a mouse run over my face while sleeping! Though it was an old shelter with brave mice.

Kimbra: thanks for the encouragement. Keep Amee out of trouble at work!


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