Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brown Fork Shelter

Well as a tribute to the Red Couch, my favorite blog, I will post 10 things I learned today.

1. God is good even during the toughest days.
2. I am 16 miles farther than I was yesterday. this was my toughest day!
3. I am 150.9 miles from Springer & 2025.3 miles from Katadin.
4. I hate web walking, which means your the first one on the trail clearing all the cobwebs that were formed last night.
5. I hate getting out of my sleeping bag in the morning.
6. But I like hiiking in the coolness of the morning.
7. Loving Pastor Broggi's sermons on the book of Hebrews.
8. Having my first doubts on being able to complete the trail.
9. Been chewing the same piece of gum for the past 13 days. I will easily make 2 weeks.
10. And the greatest of them all...I get to see Amee in less than 8 days! I miss her sooo much!

So far it is just me in the shelter & the mice! Will have the oil out tonight.

Cheoah Bald was beautiful once you got to the top! Thanks Bob.


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