Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saunders Shelter

Day 34: Well today we didn't get out of the gates like we wanted. CJ had to get a pedicure, his back waxed & a massage. Nah, actually only a massage. He said it was totally worth it. I should of got one. So we didnt get on the trail till 3:30 pm. No complaints from me cause we just cont. to chill in the AC house with running water, tv and a refrig! Again thanks Joe & Kaye.

So officially we hiked 9.4 miles. We are 470.5 miles from Springer & 1705.7 miles from Katahdin. The weather was sunny & 70's. Very nice with very minimal bugs. Spring has arrived. Trees are flowering & some flowers are popping up along the trail. It is nice to see. Although I am about 6.5 miles off schedule, but that shouldnt be hard to make up. Get to see Amee in 8 days! Yeah.

Here at the shelter with the 4 horseman (what we are calling ourselves when we hike together), Matthew & Willie boy! I am glad to see Willie again. Will post about him tomorrow!

God bless,

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