Saturday, April 11, 2009

Widowmaker & Molassas

This is Widowmaker & Molassas. I met them at Wise shelter. Widowmaker thru-hiked in 2007 & actually met Lakewood. Small world. He brought Molassas out for a 4 day hike through the highlands to Damascus. He got his trailname after a tree fell on him when he was sleeping before Neel's gap.

They are both from Ohio. OH - IO. lol. It was molassas' first night on the AT. She hardly got any sleep during the night cause she kept hearing the mice and the animal prowling around our shelter. We told her it will get better & she will get sleep soon.

They are both believers in Christ, which was pretty cool. Got to hear Widowmaker's testimony. To God be the glory.

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