Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well day 12 is in the books. Officially hiked 16.5 miles (my longest so far). I am at the NOC, which is 134.9 miles Springer & 2041.3 miles to Katahdin. The NOC is the Nantahala Outdoor Center, which would be a nice place for a retreat. lol. Tomorrow I plan to do 16 miles to Brown Fork Gap Shelter, then to Fontana Dam the next day.

Thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments. They really help.

Russell: Great to meet ya. I hope to check out your program on YouTube when I get the chance! Lord willing I will have many opportunities to share my testimony, even if I can't I hope by my actions I stand out for God! Since I am His ambassador on this trek! I would be happy to hike with anyone out here.
Bill Bolander: When you get to this area when you start your hike. The 6.5 miles from Wesser tower to NOC is tough! Lots of steep up & downs. Not many switchbacks. Rivers end has great food. Wesser General store has limited food.

DaisyGirl: Yeh, glad my trail name isnt Cookie Monster!


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