Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trimpi Shelter

Day 36: Nothing much happened to me or the elephant I am riding or to my 2 sheep I am shepherding. Although last night I lost one of my sheep to the wild ponies. I didnt see it coming, but was able to knit a wool hat and had some lamb burgers for lunch today. lol.

Actually, two things happened. I broke through the 500 mile barrier, and realized that we are done with 5000 & 6000 ft mountains till New Hampshire. Yeah. Officially did 20 miles today, which puts me at 514.2 or 23.6% of the trail completed.

Cowboy killer (story of his name to come) & Dynamite are here with me at this shelter. Still no CJ. Hopefully he will catch up to us.

Only 6 more days till I get to see Amee in Pearisburg!

Christine: Praying you & baby is doing well. Shane as well.

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