Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fence Ladders

Day 38: Well officially hiked 13.9 miles today to Knot Maul Shelter. We are 550.3 miles from Springer & 1625.9 miles from Katahdin. We have now finished 25.3% of the trail! Yeah baby!

Today it was HOT! It got up to 83 degrees, and it was the toughest day in a while due to the heat. I was sweating buckets. Plus today we went over about 12 fence ladders, cause we hiked through alot of pastures. Felt like being at Hostetler farm! Had to watch where you stepped while saying hi to the cows. Wished I had the Gator though.

Did get to see my first wild turkey today. It was huge. CK is here. Still no sign of Dynamite and CJ yet.

note: CJ came in at 7 pm! Yeah! welcome back.

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