Thursday, April 16, 2009


Good Morning. Day 14. Thanks for all the encouraging comments! It is amazing what a restful night in the shelter & some company will do for your spirits. Also today is only 12.8 miles. I think every thruhiker gets some doubts in the first week or two, it is just a matter of pushing through. This trek is something you cant prepare for at home, you just have to experience it. Plus I know that God wont give me any more than I can handle.

Well I also want you to meet Popeye, who is about a day behind me, so hopefully he'll catch up. He is from NJ, and is retired. He thruhiked it in 2001, then attempted it again last year. But, he had a heart attack on the trail 11 miles outside of Erwin. So he hiked the remaining 11 miles & hitched a ride to the hospital which confirmed the heart attack. So, now he is back again this year with proper heart meds, and a hiking buddy, Captain Jack. More on him tomorrow. Both are really good guys.


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