Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grayson Highlands

Day 35: Well if I thought the view from Hightop mnt was cool, I had an eye opener at the Highlands.

After Hightop, we went over Mt. Rogers to Thomas Knob shelter. There I ate dinner & headed on to Wise shelter. That is where I encountered the Highlands!

Grayson Highlands are the coolest part of the trail so far. They have wild ponies in the park. I saw 16 adult ponies & 2 younglings. I even got them to come up to me and lick my hand. Plus 2 bunny rabbits. I will put up some cool videos at Pearisburg.

Officially I hiked 23.7 miles today. I am 494.2 miles from Springer & 1682.0 miles from Katahdin.

Also today the 4 horsemen disbanded for the night. I am the only one here from our group. Dynamite & CK are tenting in the Highlands, and CJ actually is at his home. He had to get his warm sleeping back & will hopefully catch back up by Pearisburg. I have been hiking with CJ since day 14. I am alittle bummed tonight.

Lakewood: Widowmaker is here tonight. He thrud in 2007 & ran into u.

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