Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shepherd's Tribute

Well I hiked 15.1 miles today after being off the trail for 78 days. Yes thats right...11 weeks. Man time flies by! So I am officially 972.7 miles from Springer & 1203.5 miles from Katahdin and out of shape!

Well I was looking through the register for CJ's entry, and low and behold they put a full page tribute to me. I dont know who did the drawing, but it ROCKS! It made my day. The group is singing to the song " hey Jude" but putting in Shepherd instead. Wow! Thanks CJ, Dynamite, Dorothy & Howedown! Even Dirty Charlie made it in, who is CJ's alter-ego! How cool.

Well my streak for company at the shelter continues. Bonnie is here so far and is hiking south. Tomorrow I get to ride the rollercoster! Yeah.

Well I am glad I am back, but already miss Amee. I love you!


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