Saturday, April 11, 2009

AT Rollercoaster!

Well computer is down at Bear's Den Hostel, so I will have to post via cell phone.

Well hiked 18.1 miles long, hot, difficult miles. I am 991 miles from Springer! 1185.2 from Springer and only 18 more miles of Virginia.

Today I bought my ticket fo the roller Coaster, which ia a 13.5 mile stretch with about 13 up and downs. The cost of the ride...981.1 miles, and they dont even throw in a suviener photo. I tried to raise my hand up and yell Wheeee on the way down, but to tired. Did feel like I was going to puke about 5 times on the ride

Well I made to Bears Den hostel, which is literally a castle. pretty cool. Prob about 2nd behind Kincora for hostels. Found out today was the hotest day this week & i believe it. Literally soaked all day from sweat.

Going to zero tomorrow to recoup.


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