Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stoney Creek Forge

Day 45: April 18th. Today we got to forge our first creek. I guess in 2004, hurricaine Jeannie took out the Stony creek bridge, and there was a 1.5 mile road walk detour. But, obviously we missed the detour signs and came upon the creek. We decided to throw caution out the window and forge ahead. It was only ankle deep, but ice cold. So, we put on our crocks and made it across safely. We are still purists. lol. We also thought it would be good practice for Maine! We couldnt believe it's been 4 years now & the bridge is still out. Hmmm...

We officially did 18.5 miles today, which puts us at 661.8 miles from Springer & 1514.4 miles from Katahdin. It was very hot today, and I probably didnt drink enough water throughout the day, cause we we dragging near the end. It could of been that Kelly's Knob climb was actually pretty difficult too. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler. They are calling for chance of rain.

Wow, just found out Lafayette had a 5.4 earthquake! Unreal.


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