Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harper's Ferry: The end of part one!

Well I made it to Harpers Ferry, which I completed my 5th state! I hiked an easy 20 miles through the rain. It poured all day, but it was nice and cool. No heat and humidity! So I really enjoyed splashing in ankle deep water along the trail, since I was already soaked to the bone! So, I am officially at 1011.5 miles from Springer, and at the psychological half-way point.

Well it is here that I decided with much thought to finish my hike here. I went to the ATC office and got my picture taken as a section hiker. I was the 165th section hiker to date. There have been 662 thruhikers so far.

I have found that the heat & humidity to be to much for me. Lakewood: I don't know how u did it! i am sorry I wont be able to meet you in PA, was loooking forward to it. I came to realize I am more of a cool weather hiker, so with that I am hanging up my hiking shoes indefinetly.

I am very sorry I wetted everyone's appetite, then to crush it after being on the trail for only 4 days. Though, I am grateful I got to see CJ's and Dynamite's tribute to me in the trail register. I am very thankful for everyone's encouragement and prayers.

So with that, I am extremely happy with the 1011.5 miles and the psychological half way point. It is a great place to wrap up my adventure! I hoped everyone enjoyed seeing what the first half of the AT was like, and I hope I inspired someone to get out there and try it themselves! To God be the glory and God bless.

The end.

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