Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Dutch Haus!

Day 52: April 25th.

Officially hiked 18.1 miles to the Fish Hatchery Rd, then walked another 2.5 miles (unofficial) to Montebello, VA.

This is where the Dutch Haus B&B is located! Lois & Earl are in their 8th year doing this. They actually offer a free lunch to all hikers whether they stay or not between 11-1 pm, but I wasnt able to get there in time. So, I will get to enjoy their dinner and breakfast! They give us cool robes to wear around the house while our laundry gets done! Very cozy! Spruce & South Side are here as well. They both slacked packed 25 miles today. I havent gotten the chance to slack pack (which means you just hike with a day pack with a few essentials) yet. I would like to hear other hiker's opinions on whether slack packing is "allowed" on a thru-hike or not. So far there have been a mixture of hikers who say they would and many who say they wouldnt. I dont think I would turn down the opportunity if it came up, but doubt it will. Currently I have carried my full pack the whole time.

I officially broke the 800 mile mark today over Cold Mountain, where I called and actually talked to my co-workers today! It was great to hear their voices and their encouragement, and of course a patient was trying to get out of bed! It never fails! lol.

I am officially at 811.5 miles form Springer & 1364.7 miles from Katahdin! Tomorrow, I have a tough downhill hike down "The Priest", which has 36 switchbacks! But, then I have a equally large climb up 3 ridges mnt. So the saying is true, "If you go down, you will soon be going up!"

Just John: Great to hear from you and welcome to the blog! Would love to meet you and especially if you have trail magic! Thru-hikers crave trail magic! lol. I always wear a blue bandana and carry a hiking stick. My picture is on the post of the "one month snapshot". Also, how is the trail in PA? I have heard that it is pretty flat and the rocks dont come into play till near the end!? I also heard Maryland isnt too bad as well.

Rich: I have a tarp (1 pound) and have used it successfully on the trail. I currently use the shelters if possible, but have come out dry using the tarp in a rain storm! Most hikers still carry tents, but tarps are becoming more popular, esp. with ultralighters. I recommend the website, Very informative, esp. their forums!

Jen: Great to hear from you. I miss seeing you guys and esp. Kayden. Tell him I said hello! I bet he wont recognize me at Matthew's graduation! lol. Congrats on your job in Lafayette, we hope to see you often!

Alyssa: Yes, I forgot about the mouse count! I have seen 8 dead mice at the shelter. 1 alive, and another one ran over my head while sleeping. The MBG's (Mouse-B-Gone's) are working well lately, since I have 2 fresh ones! I gave out the rest PS! Thanks again!

Eikenberry: Yes, I hope my beard grows quickly! Any tips on how to make it grow faster would be much appreciated. I dont think Amee will want me to keep it once I am finished with the hike! lol. Also here is the updated poptart count!

Poptarts: 102
Snickers: 44

Bill Bolander: You should try to stay here if possible! 4 stars! Great food and wonderful place to sleep! Highly recommended!!!

Pete/Wendy: Is getting married tomorrow!! Yeah! God bless you guys and have a great honeymoon! It is finally here!


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